AuriStim is an innovative device for the electrical stimulation of sensory nerve fibres in the auricle. In particular, a branch of the vagus nerve is stimulated, which transmits the electrical signals to the brain and thus generates a therapeutic effect when feeling pain. Beyond combating symptoms, the therapy with AuriStim thus tackles the root causes of the disease and enables a sustainable effect. For many years, the auricular vagus nerve stimulation with AuriStim offers you a tried and tested therapy when it comes to:

  • Acute Pain
    e.g. postoperative pain
  • Chronic Pain
    e.g. back pain, cervical syndrome, migraine

AuriStim is intended for the exclusive use by a physician. Before use, the instructions for use must be observed.







  • Many diseases are caused by a (chronic) disorder of activating and regenerating stimuli in the autonomous nervous system. This can be seen in a number of different symptoms, such as chronic pain conditions. And this is where the electrical stimulation of the auricular vagus nerve with AuriStim intervenes.
  • A stimulation of the vagus nerve leads to a regeneration or a dissolution of the aforementioned dysregulation with the study-based effect of sustained pain relief in case of chronic and acute pain conditions.
  • The application of AuriStim is carried out by the physician by placing three miniaturised needle electrodes in specific areas of the ear. AuriStim itself is attached to the patient’s neck and enables a sustainable therapy for several days.
  • Depending on the indication, the therapy may take several weeks. In this way, AuriStim enables patients to enhance their quality of life while enjoying full mobility.





Dr. J. Constantin Széles


"In the course of my extensive experience, particularly in the treatment of chronic and therapy-resistant pain and patients with chronic wounds, I have studied a novel therapeutic technique called auricular vagus nerve stimulation. The objective was to provide a precise non-pharmacological treatment for the relief of both acute and chronic pain disorders. An novel tool with a long-lasting therapeutic effect is now available thanks to AuriStim. "

Dr. J. Constantin Széles was a surgeon at the University Clinics for Surgery in the Vienna General Hospital. He has been researching the auricular vagus nerve for more than 15 years at the Medical University of Vienna and is the inventor of AuriStim with several 10,000 successful applications until now.