“Multisana medizinisch-technische Geräte Handelsges.m.b.H.” (Multisana Ltd.) was founded in 1992 by Dr. Jozsef Constantin Széles and his partners, with the aim of launching the worldwide distribution of his inventions. Among them was the first generation of his auricular vagus nerve stimulation device ‘P-Stim’.

Since 2002 ‘P-Stim’ was initially distributed by the manufacturer. In 2015 the company’s leadership was taken over by his son Dorian Széles. Multisana is holding ever since the worldwide exclusive licensing rights to manufacture and distribute Dr. Széles’s ‘P-Stim’ invention, branded under the name AuriStim®.

The company’s philosophy is to distribute highly innovative medical products, which offer alternative, sustainable and better solutions to conventional therapy for healthcare facilities, physicians, nursing specialists and their patients.