• Who is allowed to use AuriStim?
    AuriStim is intended to be used in case of acute or chronic pain, e.g. postoperative pain, back pain, cervical syndrome or migraine. The application may only be carried out by trained physicians. Before use, the instructions for use must be observed.

  • I am a physician and I am interested in innovative pain therapy. How can I obtain AuriStim?
    Please contact us directly by using the contact form on our homepage. We will immediately get in contact with you in the fastest way possible and we will talk with you about AuriStim’s training and supply options.

  • I am a patient and I am interested in innovative pain therapy. Where can I get a therapy with AuriStim?
    If you are interested in a therapy with AuriStim, please contact us directly by using the contact form on our homepage. In this way, we are able to recommend you a trained physician, where you can get a therapy with AuriStim.

  • For which diseases can AuriStim be used?
    AuriStim is used in case of acute and chronic pain conditions. These include, in particular, migraine, chronic back pain and cervical syndrome. Additionally, it can also be used for the accompanying treatment of postoperative pain.

  • How many therapies with AuriStim are necessary to achieve an improvement?
    Frequently, the therapeutic effect of AuriStim unfolds immediately, however, in specific cases, particularly in cases of chronic pain, the effect may be delayed. The duration of therapy depends on the indication and lasts 6-8 weeks on average. For more details, please consult your physician.

  • How long do I have to wear AuriStim?
    AuriStim is a continuous therapy for a period of 3 to 5 days during which the device is continuously worn. During this period, the stimulation is in a rhythm of three hours stimulation and three hours paused stimulation. After a break of 2-4 days, if prescribed by the physician, a new AuriStim can be attached. Depending on the indication, the average duration of the therapy is 6-8 weeks. For more details, please consult your physician.

  • Can I take a shower while I am wearing AuriStim?
    You can take a shower during the therapy with AuriStim. However, you must be careful that the device on the neck does not get wet. From our experience and the experience of our patients, it is possible to shower normally by covering the device with a shower plaster. Please consult your physician if you notice that the device no longer works after taking a shower.

  • Does AuriStim disturb while sleeping?
    Most of our patients do not report of any impairment in terms of the sleep quality after a short acclimatization phase of 1 to 2 nights.

  • Can I practice sports during the therapy with AuriStim?
    Due to the small size of AuriStim and the practical attachment underneath the ear, AuriStim provides unrestricted mobility – thus, you can also practice sports. However, excessive sweating may possibly cause the device to become detached from the neck. In this case, please contact your treating physician.

  • What should I do if I no longer feel the stimulation?
    The stimulation by AuriStim should be noticed as a slight tapping or tingling sensation. It may well happen that you perceive the stimulation over time as becoming slightly weaker. After 3-5 days, the stimulation is typically no longer perceivable. Please wear the device for the period which has been recommended by your treating physician. If you suddenly no longer perceive the stimulation, please contact your treating physician.